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News reaches me today of a radio station broadcasting to Iran's LGBT community.

Radio Ranginkaman [Persian for Rainbow] is using an AM transmitter in Armenia (1395 kHz) to beam its programmes into Iran, because this programming is obviously banned there.

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People who say short-wave or AM radio is dead are lucky enough to live in places with open internet connections and relatively free media markets.

In an awful lot of the world, it's the only way to get non-government viewpoints to people.

@iona When last I looked shortwave was becoming so crowded it was hard to tune an individual station unless it was a multi-megawatt operation. Has that changed? I'm a SWL from wayback :)

@iona My two favorite shortwave stations circa ab out mid 1980s are HCJB Ecuador and Radio France Internationale, with a side of Radio Moscow for the almost comedic irony of their news broadcasts :)

@iona It’s a great solution to an old problem. Good enough that the only real improvement I’ve seen recently is to do it at a larger (satellite) scale.


Wired article:

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