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General code of conduct

RadioSocial.org is a space for everyone with an interest in radio, anywhere in the world. We are not a space for intolerance or bigotry. We do not anticipate major issues with this, but we do ask all users to stick to some simple rules to make this a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Please do not post the following:

  • Any discriminatory material. This includes, but is not limited to: racist, misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic content.
  • Violent or threatening content.
  • Harassment of anyone, whether a user here or not. This includes negative personal comments about named individuals.
  • Advertising of non radio-related products or services.
  • Content that breaches the privacy of other users (often known as 'dox') such as real names, locations or addresses.


We have no outright ban on adult material, but this is not a sex focused space and we ask that you be mindful of other users who may not wish to view it. Adult material must be placed behind a Content Warning and not posted in excessive volume.

Advertising and promotion of radio-related products, services, shows or stations is permitted. Non radio-related advertising is not allowed. Please be mindful of other users when posting advertising and limit your posts to one ad per day.

Discussion of illegal 'pirate' radio stations is permitted and welcomed here. We have no restrictions on posting frequencies and information about these stations, which are a part of the radio landscape and a source of interest for many enthusiasts.

Instance blocking

In common with many other Mastodon instances, for the protection of users we suspend all instances listed on Dzuk's block list. Please note that the list contains screenshots of posts that many users may find upsetting.

In addition, we currently silence/suspend the following:

  • bofa.lol [suspended]
  • knzk.me [silenced, no code of conduct]
  • mastodon.sdf.org [suspended]
  • social.coop [silenced, poor moderation]
  • switter.at [silenced, adult content and excessive advertising]


You can follow and talk to users on silenced instances, but they do not show up in public or federated timelines for users here. For full transparency, all suspended/silenced instances are updated on this page.

Donations and support

This instance is hosted on Digital Ocean at a cost of 10 USD per month. If you are in need of cloud hosting services and wish to support the instance, you can use our Digital Ocean referral link to get 10 USD in free credit. We also stand to gain 25 USD in credit should you use the link, so you'll be keeping us online for a few months.